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Metal Gear Awesome Metal Gear Awesome

Rated 5 / 5 stars

OMFG!!! Metal Gear Awesome...

lives up to its name a thousand times over... This was so absolutely hilarious... When's the one for MGS2 or 3 coming out?? I hope the sequel's in production... Awesomeness in a can...

voting 5 everyday for like ever...
10's all around (even for interactivity, just cuz you shot the colonel!!)

SimGirl ending_movie SimGirl ending_movie

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

the classics never die...

i just recently finished the newest version of the game, and i was a little disappointed about the lack of a proper ending video... but its still in production (even after all this time) and i'll admit to saying i'm eagerly awaiting the finished product... this was one of the first games i played on newgrounds, and to see all the changes to it makes it feel new while it brings back memories...

also, i had just recently watched DNA^2, and having played this first, it was a very interesting experience... hahaha

One final note: I noticed during the scene selection that it says "Directed by Junta Momonari"... how come he isn't in the game?? I'll be looking out for him in the future, even for just a brief cameo appearance...

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Foamy: Nazi Samurai!!! Foamy: Nazi Samurai!!!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

he makes the impossible possible

I had always thought that nazis and samurai are just too different to be the same person (something about honor or some shit) but if there's anyone who could do it, it'd be foamy... cuz he's magickal

GameSlave responds:

He certainly is.

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FHTH: Chapter 1 FHTH: Chapter 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very Very Nice

I liked it and am looking forward to the next one. It did have a sort of SH4 feel to it, which makes me wonder where you're going with it... Are you gonna have surprises mostly for shock value, like an unexpected enemy popping out of nowhere, or are you gonna include geniuenly scary effects like in the SH series (this was a big reason i don't even consider Resident Evil and Silent Hill in the same category, cuz all RE does is make you jump for a sec, but SH is really freaky a lot of the time)

It was short, but still nice... A good introduction for things to come. I liked how the gun didn't fire when the enemies were starting to appear, to prevent wasting ammo... A very nice touch.

Just one thing i thought was kinda funny. The little character bio in the instructions mentioned that the main character was a nice guy, but he just happens to grab the shotgun before the monsters appear... that seems a little out of character for a nonviolent personality to almost immediately jump for the gun before he had any real good reason for doing so... but i get that you need the shotgun and all to fight the creatures, so you didn't lose any points with me or anything... I just thought it was out of place.

Make the next one soon, I'm really looking forward to it!!!

Summer Dreams Summer Dreams

Rated 4 / 5 stars


that was classic... simply classic
make more, i guess...
especially if you keep getting zeros for sim date games that don't have hentai in them from those dickless perverts...

catbrush responds:

Yeah, that makes me sad. :'(

CSI: Mind Prison CSI: Mind Prison

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Room for improvement, but not in a bad way.

This was a nice game...

I know these mystery things can get kinda tough to write (i realized this quickly trying to work on a thought intensive project myself)

It's a shame some of the other characters weren't involved. Also, the show usually runs two cases at a time, and i know Grissom was working a factory case, but there wasn't much to it, little activity from Grissom's perspective, and there was actually little evidence to collect from that scene.

I already said that these kinda things can be tough to write without being some pro at it, but there should've been a big plot twist that leads one of the cases in a completely different direction, which seems to happen a lot in the show (despite that the characters are all supposed to be professionals, yet not a one could see whatever case going in that direction, but now i'm just ranting about the show...)
Also, it was short and there wasn't too much evidence to collect, but this is really what should be expected from real life cases (a pretty open-shut case without too much difficulty. They say that it's more likely that you'd be killed by someone you know than a complete stranger, and revenge seems to be a popular motive these days...)

I did like it as a whole, though, and i did have a little difficulty zooming back out on the crime scene when i went to swab the bloodstain. It took me a few seconds to figure out the green arrow bit...

Three final notes: 1) There should be more evidence to collect at the specific parts of the crime scene, like a few extra things in the trashcan or whatever, so the novice player might easily overlook it. On that note, you should also try to plant a few red herrings to keep the brain juices flowing, and try to mislead the player in the wrong direction (and maybe getting a game over if they get it wrong)
2) Instead of just the buttons for the evidence collection tools, when you click on them, you should change the mouse cursor to represent that item, so the player has to click on a specific item on the screen, unlike the system you have now, where clicking away just lets you nab it. (There could also be a procedure to collecting the evidence, so if you're in a hurry and you mess something up, you compromise it, and can't use it)
3) You must be a fan, but I suggest doing some research too. There are plenty of books out there about forensic science (I've read a few, as this show wanted me to become a forensic investigator, but i decided against that path... but enough about me...) One of my favorite books is "Dead Reckoning" by Dr. Micheal Baden, it's a pretty interesting and fun read if you're really into this stuff... but you prolly know a lot if you've been watching the show for a long time...

Anyway, good luck on future projects, and i hope you make another CSI/Forensic game soon! I'll be looking for it!!!
(and i apologize for the ranting...)